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How You Can Use Scripting To Manifest A Specific Ex-Boyfriend Back Into Your Life?

There is a law of attraction technique that is getting more and more popular these days. I think the main reason is because people all around the world are getting amazing results from it. This law of attraction tool is very simple and easy to do. While it is not a new technique, it packs quite a punch. Based on the above title of this blog post you must know that I am referring to scripting.

Below I am going to jump in first by answering your questions about scripting. And then we will get into the heart of how you can use scripting to win the heart of your ex-boyfriend back.

What Is Scripting All About?

I wish I could complicate this for you, but I really can’t. Scripting is the simple act of writing down the desire you want to manifest into your life. Another way you can look at scripting is as visualization in written form. Hopefully you already know what visualization is all about.

How Fast Does Scripting Work?

It works pretty damn fast based on the reports I have seen online. Manifesting your desires fast will always depend on your energy and not on the law of attraction technique you are using. Please keep this in mind.

Is There A Special Time To Write Your Manifestation Scripts?

Some people will say first thing in the morning is best and I do not subscribe to this notion. Not everyone has the time in the morning to relax and focus on their manifestations. Mornings can be quite hectic for some people.

Depending on your schedule, you may have to choose another time in the day or at night when you have some quite time, where no one will distract or disturb you. Pick a time that best fits your needs.

What Can You Manifest Through Scripting?

The sky is the limit honey. No desire is off limits here. You manifest what you believe in. If you believe you can manifest a car or a six figure earning dream job you will. It is not about the law of attraction tool you utilize, it is about your beliefs. If you don’t believe you can manifest your desire, then all the scripting in the world will not help you.

How Long Or Short Must Your Manifestation Scripts Be?

Your manifestation scripts can be as long or as short as you want them to be. The most important thing is that you follow your heart. If there is something you desire to manifest and your script turns out to be three sentences long, so be it. If it works out to be three pages long, this is not an issue either. Just be certain that it is upbeat and as positive as it can be.

How Many Times Must You Write Your Manifestation Scripts?

Some people only write a script once and have it manifest. Other people write the same script out every single day until it manifests.

If you go to YouTube and watch Ashley Ducey, she has a video detailing how she manifested her now husband Jake Ducey into becoming her boyfriend. This video is called Scripting To Manifest Your SOULMATE!! How To Script The Love Of Your Life!

She wrote the same script out everyday for nine months. This is how dedicated she was into manifesting a romantic relationship with Jake. Are you that devoted to write the same script out everyday for nine months until you get that person you are madly in love with, in this case your ex-boyfriend?

Do You Have To Read Your Manifestation Scripts Everyday?

Once again, this is a dealer’s choice. Some people only read their scripts the first time they write it all down, then put it away forgetting that it even exist. Other people feel that it is necessary to keep their manifestation script as close to their conscious mind as humanly possible and read it out not just once, but several times throughout the day.

Test things out and see which way works best for you. If you find reading your manifestation scrip everyday, makes you focus on the lack of not having your heart’s desire, then putting it away would probably be the best thing for you to do.

Or you can even choose to read it out for a week, set it aside for the following week, then pick up reading it again the next week. There are really no hard and fast rules for you to follow here.

What To Do With Your Manifestation Script After You Are Done Writing It?

Some people actually report that they set the script on fire. But most people end up forgetting that they even wrote something down until they come across it months or even years later. It is not necessary to burn your scripts for them to manifest.

You can purchase a folder from any local stationary store and use that specific folder for storing your scripts once you are done writing them out. Or you can go ahead and purchase a journal and write all your manifestations scripts inside that journal. If you don’t want others reading your journal then get one that comes with the lock and key.

What Books Do You Recommend To Learn More About Scripting?

I give Henriette Anne Klauser’s book Write It Down, Make It Happen; Knowing What You Want And Getting It my highest recommendation. In fact I only just read it last week.

While it does not specifically talk about writing stuff down to manifest an ex-boyfriend, it does talk about manifesting soulmates. This can equally apply to manifesting an ex-boyfriend too. If you want more information on scripting, please grab the book right here.

How To Script Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Into Your Life?

Now we are getting to the juicy part of this blog post. Right here I am going to show you a quick and easy example you can use for scripting to manifest your future with your ex-boyfriend. Now you know your ex-boyfriend better than I do. Feel free to change things up as much as you want to. Hell write your own manifestation script that has nothing at all to do with what I am about to show you below.

“Keanu and I are spending more and more time with each other. Now he is such a considerate boyfriend. He is not shy about apologizing to me when he makes a mistake. He opens up doors for me and pulls my chair out for me to sit on. What a gentleman he has become. There are even times when he pulls me to sit down on top of his lap. He can be a naughty boy too.

Our chemistry the second time around is so much more stronger than what we had before, that it pales in comparison. I have never in my whole life been this happy in a relationship before. And from what Keanu has said to me, he feels the exact same way too.

Can I share with you a little secret? Make that two secrets actually. The other day I accidentally found an engagement ring inside Keanu’s briefcase. This was two days ago. He told me today that we are going out this weekend and we are going to celebrate big. I am giggling as I write this because I just know he is going to pop the big question.

I am so ready to be his wife and to have him as my husband. From the very first moment we met, I just knew deep in my heart he was my soulmate, my better half. And I truly know now that I was dead right on the money. When he pops that question, I won’t have to think about my answer at all.

He is not the only one who will be busting out the surprises this weekend. I went to the doctor yesterday and she has confirmed to me what I already know to be true. I have a special little bun baking in the oven for Keanu. I know to my heart and soul that he will be blown away by my surprise too.”

I’m not trying to manifest an ex-boyfriend back, but that script above is juicy as hell. I can’t believe I am the one who wrote it. What we have here ladies is a perfect law of attraction scripting template.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back After A Breakup 30 Day Manifestation Scripting Challenge?

Now that you are well educated about what scripting is and I have shown you a wonderful example up above, I want to issue you a 30 day manifestation scripting challenge to help you get your ex-boyfriend back. Take on this challenge at your own risk. That risk being getting your ex-boyfriend to come back to you faster than you have previously ever imagined was possible.

The scripts can be as long or as short as you want them to be. The only rules I want you to follow are to write the date on the top of the page when you create your script. Get a pen or pencil and loose paper or a journal. Yes, you are going to do this by hand.

You do not need to do this at any particular time in the day or night. You must tap into the feeling of having your ex-boyfriend back in your life right now. You are going to do this while you are in no contact unless of course he is already back in your life but you are not at the commitment stage as yet.

That is something you can script about that he is not only ready to commit to you but he gets down on one knee and presents you with a promise ring. I will provide different examples of what you can script about everyday. I will do my best to keep them short and sweet unless I get some really long script ideas for you to use. You do not have to write them as is, just use them as guidelines as to how you can create your own scripts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you write down will manifest in 30 days or at all. That is not the purpose of this challenge. The purpose is to get you writing down your desires everyday. This is to get your energy flowing in a positive direction instead of worrying about how soon your ex-boyfriend is going to come back to you.

It can be the same desire you write over and over again or you can focus on one different desire a day. My choice is to focus on a different desire everyday. Of course I expect you to share what results you get along the way.

Don’t fret and fuss about how this will all come together, it is not your job to figure that out. Everything will align itself at the right time. I am encouraging you to do this activity everyday instead of going onto his social media pages to stalk him or show up on his job unless you have a valid reason to be at his workplace. This is a much more productive use of your time.

This manifestation scripting challenge will help you more than you think it will. Things might seem on the outside that they are not changing, but don’t be fooled. Manifesting is always taking place behind the scene where you don’t see 99% of the production happening.

Even after the 30 days is up feel free to continue practicing this how to get your ex-boyfriend back after a breakup 30 day manifestation scripting challenge. It will only help you to manifest your ex-boyfriend back even faster if you really tap into the feelings of your heart while you are writing your scripts.

To keep things simple I will be using the name Keanu to represent the ex-boyfriend. Therefore you will change the name Keanu to your ex-boyfriend’s real name.

Below you will find the links to all the manifestation scripts I am going to create for you. I will start positing the first one on June 1 and the last one on June 30. And please remember to have fun writing your manifestations scripts.

1. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Send You A Text Message Manifestation Script.

2. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Call You Manifestation Script.

3. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Invite You Out On A Date Manifestation Script.

4. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Confess His Love For You Manifestation Script.

5. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Be Your Friend Again Manifestation Script.

6. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Feel Happy In Your Presence Manifestation Script.

7. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Confess That He Misses You Like Crazy Manifestation Script.

8. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Confess He Regrets The Breakup Manifestation Script.

9. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Confess That He Wants A Second Chance Manifestation Script.

10. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Come Over To Your House For Dinner Manifestation Script.

11. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Break Up With His Rebound Girl Manifestation Script.

12. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Spend More Time With You Manifestation Script.

13. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Take You On A Trip Manifestation Script.

14. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Show You Off To Other People Manifestation Script.

15. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Declare To Others That You Are The One Manifestation Script.

16. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Cough Up A Promise Ring Manifestation Script.

17. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Make You A Priority In His Life Manifestation Script.

18. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Get Along Better With Your Friends Manifestation Script.

19. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Get Along Better With Your Family Members Manifestation Script.

20. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Adopt A Pet With You Manifestation Script.

21. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Un-Block You On Social Media Manifestation Script.

22. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Cook You Dinner Manifestation Script.

23. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Show You How Much He Cares For You Manifestation Script.

24. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Bring You Home To His Family Manifestation Script.

25. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Go Shopping With You Manifestation Script.

26. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Go On A Picnic With You Manifestation Script.

27. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Agree To Co-Habitat With You Manifestation Script.

28. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Buy A Birthday Gift Manifestation Script.

29. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Manifestation Script.

30. How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Ask You For A Second Chance Manifestation Script.

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