Guidelines For Sending An E-Mail To How To Get Your Ex Back After A Break Up.

If you decide to send an e-mail to How To Get Your Ex Back After A Break Up, please follow these guidelines. It is very important that you do.

1. Before you comment on any of the articles, please make sure you have read the article thoroughly. It’s possible that whatever question you have to ask is already answered in the article. If the article doesn’t answer your question, read the FAQ section of the website.

2. Make sure you use proper spelling when you write your comment. Don’t use short spellings as is commonly used in text messages. For example, instead of writing “he tld me u r the only 1 fr me”; write “he told me you are the only one for me.” It’s important because the former is not only hard to read, but it also decreases the overall quality of the website. If you use proper spellings, it will make it easier for me to read your comment and reply to it.

3. Please try to use proper grammar. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect when it comes to grammar and spellings. And believe me, I am not a Grammar Nazi. However, sometimes it becomes extremely hard to read a comment because of bad grammar. And if I find your comment hard to understand, I’ll have to delete it since it will again decrease the overall quality of the website.

4. Keep your comment as short as possible. I know since most of the people want to share their story, they usually end up posting lengthy comments. You may feel like you need to write about your relationship and breakup in great details to get a proper answer, but there are still some things you can do to keep the comments as short as possible. For example,

a) Don’t write about the irrelevant details. For example, how you and your ex met. How you had a great time at your first year anniversary etc. Details that are not relevant to the breakup and/or getting back together is not really necessary for me to reply to your comment.

b) If you have a specific question, think about it first and then post the details only related to the question.

5. Make sure you include your age, your ex’s age, and the time you were together in your comment. It helps me evaluate the situation better.

6. Please use paragraphs. The text becomes unreadable if it’s a 1, 000 word comment without any paragraphs. But it’s a lot more easy to read if you break it into small paragraphs.