Sunday, 2 June 2019

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back After A Breakup 30 Day Manifestation Scripting Challenge? Day 2.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Give You A Call Manifestation Script.

The sound of the sound alarm goes off signaling that it is now time for lunch. I end my call and watch as my students scramble out the door with happy looks on their faces. I don’t blame them at all, I am feeling quite famish myself.

As soon as I rise from my chair, I hear my cell phone ringing. That ring tone is one I have not heard in while. Immediately I know exactly who is calling me. This surprises me as he has not called me in a very long time. In fact the last time we spoke to each other over the phone, he said some very unkind words to me.

I open the drawer looking down at my cell phone. I contemplate whether I should pick up the call or not. I press the button to answer the call.

“Hello.” I say this very hesitantly as I don’t know what to expect on his end of things.

“Hi Shana, it me Keanu.”

“I know it’s you.”

“You sound as if you are busy.”

“I was just about to grab lunch. Why are you calling me?” Based on what he has said so far, I can’t decipher the reason for him calling me out of the blue like this.

“I was trying to think up of a fake excuse to call you, but the truth is, I really miss hearing the sound of your voice.”

This is the last thing I was expecting to hear him considering that he told me that he never wanted to speak to me again. Those words of his really hurt me.

“Hello? Are you still there?”

“I am. Like I said I am about to get something to eat.”

“How about I join you then and we can talk face to face?”

“It is a little too late for that now don’t you think?”

“It is never too late for love.”

I face my doorway because the sound of his voice is coming from that direction. I am truly stunned that he is standing there.

“You have every right not ot speak to me ever again, but I really want to apology for acting like a jerk towards to. You did not deserve that.”

He walks towards me as he speaks. I hang up my cell phone as it is no longer required.

“Keanu, you can’t just walk up in here and expect me to drop everything for you.”

“I don’t expect that at all. I just want to talk to you. No pressure I swear.”

I smile at him warmly. “If that is the case, then you are the one who is going to buy lunch.”

He smiles back me. “Thank you. You won’t regret this.”

“You bet I won’t.”

We walk side by side out the classroom. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I have missed the sound of his voice too. I have a feeling that I won’t be missing it anymore. This time I will make sure that he sticks by my side like glue.

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