Friday, 7 June 2019

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back After A Breakup 30 Day Manifestation Scripting Challenge? Day 7.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Confess That He Misses You Like Crazy Manifestation Script.

I got a phone call from Keanu this morning asking me to come to his place right after work. He said he had something very important to talk to me about. I had to remind him that we are not a couple anymore and it is not convenient for me to visit his home, especially since he has a new girlfriend already.

He corrected me immediately that the woman he was seeing was not really his girlfriend. She was just a rebound girl, just someone he was using to pass the time with. Also he is not involved with her anymore. This is why it is imperative that he sees me today.

Once again I refuse to give in to his demands. I let him know that I am not coming to his house. However if he really wants to see me, then he needs to do the gentlemanly thing and ask me out to have dinner with him. I may still be in love with the guy, but I am not his floor mat. If he can’t treat me like a treasure, then I don’t need to meet up with him.

Of course he apologized and asked me out on a date, a real date. So here I am driving myself to go meet him at his favorite restaurant. I decided to wear a simple black dress with silver high heel shoes. This is bound to knock his socks off. He is already waiting for me outside the restaurant for my arrival.

Once we get through the main course of our meal I pose my question.

“What is so important that you needed to meet up today?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

I wasn’t expecting him to get straight to the point like that. However that is still not enough to impress me. “Well that is fine and dandy but it really has nothing to do with me.”

“You always were a hard nut to crack Shana.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Yes it is. I really truly miss you baby. To you it might have seemed as if I moved on quickly, but that is far from the truth.”

I take a sip of my wine. “You were having fun with that woman. Please don’t try to deny it.”

“I was trying to get over you. I thought being with another woman would help but all it did was made me think about you over and over again.”

“I’m sorry but your words really don’t mean much to me. Afterall you were the one to call quits on our relationship.”

“I know. It was dumb move on my part.”

“You can say that again.”

“I know I can’t make you believe me right now, but I will prove to you that no other woman has this effect on me that you have. I miss everything about you baby. I even bought her a bottle of your perfume. But strangely it doesn’t smell the same on her as it does on you.”

Before I can put up a protest he comes over to my mine side of the table and buries his face in my neck. The fact he hardly cares about who is watches us while he sniffs my neck says a lot. Maybe next time he will think twice about trying to replace me with another woman. There is no other woman in the world like me.

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