Saturday, 8 June 2019

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back After A Breakup 30 Day Manifestation Scripting Challenge? Day 8.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Confess He Regrets The Breakup Manifestation Script.

Seeing Keanu at work is not easy at all. It has already been three months since he broke my heart and moved his things out of the apartment we used to share as a couple. Maybe by now I should be over him but still it is all too fresh in my mind. The one good thing is we don’t work in the same department. Therefore there are times when I only catch a quick glimpse of him bending a corner or stepping into someone’s office.

The only good thing that has happened since the breakup is my promotion. Now I have my own office all to myself. It is a very small office but I like it all the same. Oddly enough he has never been sent to my office to run any kind of errands. Although we are not together anymore, I thought he would have congratulated me.

A soft knock sounds off at my office door.

“Come in.”

Even though I was just thinking about him, he was the last person I was expecting to walk right through my door. “I have a document for you to sign.”

“Good morning to you too.” I know we are not together anymore, but that is no reason for him to forget his manners.

“Sorry. Good morning Shana.”

“Nevermind, just hand over the document.” I sign it shove it back towards him.

He looks around. “Nice little office they gave you here.”

“Thanks. You can leave now.” After his behavior I have interest in engaging in small talk with him now.

He takes a seat. “Alright maybe I deserve that for being so short with you earlier.”

“No harm done. Don’t let me hold you up any longer.”

He looks to the ground. “I wanted to congratulate you before but there was no easy way for me to come here. I had to wait until I had a good excuse.”

“Better late than never I guess.”

He looks me dead in the eyes. “”

“If I could turn things around, I would make you mind again.”

“What is that supposed to mean.”

“I was a fool Shana. I never should have broken up with you.”

“I don’t know what kind of game you are playing here, but I am not in the mood for it.”

“No games. I am only being honest. I should have never broken up with you. My heart has been filled with nothing but regret ever since.”

As much as I want to believe him, I just can’t. “I know you are involved with the new girl, so you don’t have to lie to me.”

“I have heard those ridiculous rumors too and I can assure you, I have never even kissed the girl.”

“What you do is your own business.”

“Please trust me.”

He comes around my desk and pull me to my feet. “I wish I could take my heart out and show it to you. It bleeds very sadly only for you.”

I bring him closer to my heart. For this one moment, I am choosing to believe in him.

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